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The Beginning of a New Era!

Our additions have been completed, and we are open for business in the new Raymond Cardinal Burke Annex!  The annex consists of 4 new classrooms- 2 at each end of the building.  Two of the new classrooms house our new preschool program which serves 3 and 4 year old children.  It is a blessing to hear such joyful noise coming from these classrooms!  The other 2 classrooms are in our middle school.  One room is the new 7th grade/middle school science room; the other is the 8th grade/middle school English classroom.  The new hallway has 59 beautiful new lockers that our students are thoroughly enjoying!  

As of September 9, we have 147 students registered from age 3 through 8th grade.  We have a dedicated staff of 10 full time and 6 part time teachers. We are able to offer a full curriculum of the core academic courses. We are also able to offer computer classes in grades 1-8 as well as music, physical education, and Spanish to students in grades K-8.  Our preschool students will be working with our music teacher to develop their musical talents as well.  We have a library that continues to grow thanks to the generous support of our parish and school families during our bi-annual book fairs.  We continue to see our students excel academically, which is reflected in our scores on national tests as well as their achievement in the classroom.  In 2013, our 8th graders tested in the top 8 in the La Crosse Diocese on national tests!  Our students go on to the high school where they excel both academically as well as in co-curricular activities.  Many St. Mary's students go on to take leadership roles because they have been raised to be involved, and they know how to work hard.  In the last 27 years, St. Mary School has seen 33 of its alumni be named valedictorians and salutatorians!  What a testament to the strong academic tradition that is a part of St. Mary School!

The true beauty of Catholic Schools is in our ability to incorporate important values…with Faith at the very center…into every aspect of our school day…whether it is in the classroom, lunchroom, basketball court, playground, or wherever else our students are found. Students are taught the traditional basics…commonly referred to as “the 3 r's”…while at the same time learning how God is involved in every aspect of every day.

St. Mary's families…both school and parish…have a strong tradition of working hard to make the school run.  Parents and parishioners are involved in every aspect of our school including assisting teachers in the classroom, working in the library, assisting in the kitchen, doing playground supervision, working in the Home and School Association, fixing whatever is broken, and tasks that just plain need to be done. That example set by our parents and parish is HUGE in the success of St. Mary's students. We can teach the importance of serving others, but students learn best by watching those around them set the example.We thank you, teachers, staff, parents, and parishioners, for your constant support.

The staff and students at St. Mary's School are excited to share our school with you.We welcome your help in celebrating the benefits of a Catholic school education. We continue to recognize that keeping our school going is a sacrifice for our parish. We know that times are difficult and we feel so blessed that our parish continues to make the school a priority. We work hard to invest your offerings in a way that will truly pay off with the kinds of dividends that can only come from a Catholic School education.

Thank you!

St. Mary School Mission

Our educational efforts are built on our Catholic heritage and we are committed to the longstanding tradition of providing a quality, virtues-based Catholic and academic education in a Christ-centered faith environment of worship and service.

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