St. Mary’s hands-on approach to education combines our curriculums and a safe, stimulating environment to create meaningful experiences. In our developmentally appropriate environments children are encouraged to learn, play, and explore! Our 3-year-old program is based on the growing sociability of your child. It concentrates primarily on the development of social skills, expanding the use of language and the introduction of activities that foster pre-reading and pre-math skills.

Our curriculum utilizes two programs to fully round out your child’s early education: “Learn Ever Day” and “ABC Jesus Love Me”. “Learn Every Day” has 36 themes and over 1,300 activities. We also conduct complete assessments of the students each year.


Through active exploration we help your child develop critical thinking skills and intellectual curiosity. Children need hands-on experiences and curriculum centered on developmentally appropriate experiences. The 4-Year-Old program continues to stress social growth as it incorporates and expanded curriculum which includes language and literacy, math and science skills, the creative arts, problem solving and religion designed to provide your child with a solid foundation for kindergarten. This class has an extended focus in math and reading readiness, while using the SuperKids’ younger version called Happily Ever After. Children develop critical thinking skills through theme-based activities all while continuing to emphasize St. Mary philosophy of positive emotional and spiritual growth – all while we monitor progress with annual assessments.