Liturutgical Roles for January 10/11

December 31, 2014

Saturday, January 10  @ 5:15 pm

Lector:                   Michele Brewer  

Servers:                 Karri and Kaitlyn Dalberg/  Samantha and Sadie Christian 

Ushers:                  Knights of Columbus

Gifts:                    Jerry Cooper Family

Music:                   Ed / Jesse

Scrip:                     Donna Urbach

Sunday, January 11 @ 8:00 am

Lector:                   Mary Broadbent 

Servers:                 Samuel Bosworth/ Campbell Stowell/  Isaac Morris/ Rob Cooper

Ushers:                 Knights of Columbus

Gifts:                    Bradford Walker Family

Music:                   Choir/Organ 

Scrip:                     Mary Stowell

Sunday, January11 @ 10:30 am

Lector:                   Adam Rynes

Servers:                Josh & Hannah Kraemer / Max Kinney / Zachary Durst

Ushers:                  Knights of Columbus

Gifts:                    David Ewing Family

Music:                   Elizabeth / Organ

Scrip:                     Mary Jo Nigl