SCRIP Program

SCRIP! How it works…

St. Mary’s School has an ongoing fund raising program called “Scrip.” Nationally, there are almost 10,000 schools, churches, and non-profit organizations involved in this proven non-profit movement. Some churches in our diocese raise $50,000 – $100,000 a year. We hope to achieve some similar kinds of success for St. Mary’s.


Scrip are gift certificates issued by many stores in our community where you already shop regularly. We buy these certificates at a negotiated discount and exchange them for your cash at full face value. The discount ranges from 2% to 40% and is an automatic contribution retained by St. Mary’s Parish. And your Scrip purchases can qualify you to earn tuition credit for your participation (contact the school office for details).


Yes! You can use Scrip just like cash. There is no difference between Scrip and cash when you go shopping, except you are using gift certificates to purchase your items. Most of the vendors in Richland Center and the surrounding area are very familiar with the gift cards. You can even use them to “pay at the pump” (without using your own credit).


All three grocers in Richland Center, and all of the gas stations in and around the area, and most of the national chains in community (including Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, and Sears) accept Scrip. We also have Scrip cards for most national chains for fast food, restaurants, clothes, hardware, hunting & fishing, and electronics in stores around the state and nation. We even sell certificates for on-line shopping (including See the vendor list at the Great Lakes Scrip Center website for a complete list of businesses, including the range of discounts that St. Mary’s can earn.


You may print out our Family Scrip Order Form.. Fill out the order form and make checks payable to St. Mary Scrip. Mail this form to St. Mary’s School, at 106 W. 4th Street, Richland Center, WI 53581. Or drop it off during normal school hours, or bring your completed order form to Mass when Scrip is being sold to have your order filled. Scrip is also sold after each Sunday Mass in St. Mary Parish foyer.


Let’s take the example of typical spending of a single family:

  • $200 spent on groceries, etc. per week  x 4 weeks per month.
  • $800 per month in Scrip spending x 5% Scrip profit (average %).
  • $40 per month profit x 12 months.
  • Equals $480 gross annual profit.

If we expand that example, we see some significant amounts:

  • If 50 families participated at this level per year: $24,000 for the parish and school
  • If 75 families participating at this level per year: $36,000 for the parish and school
  • If 100 families participating at this level per year: $48,000 for the parish and school

So buy some SCRIP now!

For more information, please call the school office at 608-647-2422 for more information,
or email Connie Jump or Betty Wastlick.

For a list of Scrip currently kept in stock, please see this Scrip in Inventory List.

For an order sheet with a partial list of vendors, please use this Family Scrip Order Form.

For a complete listing of the over 400 available vendors, please visit