Mrs. Sabrina Rider

5th Grade & 6th Grade Literature

Mrs. Rider is a 2001 Graduate of Mount Mercy University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a specialization in Reading. She has been teaching at St. Mary School since 2012 and absolutely loves being here! Mrs. Rider started her teaching career here in First Grade and after teaching first grade for 7 years moved up to 5th looking for a new challenge. St. Mary has become an extension of her family and one that she is very proud to be a part of. When she is not in the classroom, you can find her at home with her husband, Dana, and their children (not ALL of them live at home!). Sabrina has two children of her own, Randall (18) and Madelynn (14) and Dana has 4, Anthony (27), Austin (25), Brody (15), and Landon (11).  They are very proud of their children and she is so very blessed to have them all in her life. When she has free time, she enjoys crafting (she and Maddy opened their own Etsy business in 2020), reading, cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing, and spending as much time as she can building and renovating houses with her dad.  She also really enjoys traveling and hopes that she will be able to do more of that in the future.